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Acrobatic Show


A Free Superhero Show for your school! The performance is an ultra-high energy 15-20 Minute Spider-Man acrobatic performance, including a surprise entrance, big flips & tricks, and audience participation. It will be a huge treat for the students and is an exciting way to end the School Term!

For NSW Primary Schools only! Primarily throughout the Greater Sydney-region, however if we garner enough interest in another area, we may be able to travel to you as well – so definitely still apply!


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When Will It Be

Performances will be between December 6th-10th. Feel free to give a preference for date, however we will be assigning days primarily based on location (so that we can visit multiple schools in the same area). We will have multiple Spider-Man running simultaneously to visit as many schools as possible!

What Time?

We would typically perform during an Assembly, or anytime the school is gathered (eg. morning assembly, or after breaks before going back to class etc.) Popular times are around 9:00am (before class), 11:30am (after recess), and 2:00pm (after lunch).

What's the Catch?

In return, we would like a 30 minute meeting with your Principal to discuss Backflips Against Bullying. This will be scheduled on the same day as Spider-Man, and booked in advance.

Spiderman Jump

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